Superman Is Dead Bioghraphy

3 youth members from Bali 20s, kind, wise bestari, and tepo seliro namely:
»Bobby Best (beer drinker, lead vocals, guitar, well-known as" The Bastard Child of Fat Mike "since his voice sounds pretty similar with that NOFX frontman)
»Eka Rock (beer drinker, bass, backing vocals, warm Smilin 'Rock' N Roll bandman)
» Jerinx (hairwax junkie, drum, beer drinkin' Rock'N Roll prince charming)

Name tendentious Ballerina (SID) picked from the Stone Temple Pilot's "Superman Silvergun". But because it is considered poor connotation, zonder guilt arbitrary name and then changed to "Superman Is Dead" - is as good as udelnya interpreted as: no man is perfect.

At first appearance, the end of 95, SID intense color poisoned Green Day & NOFX. Beringsutnya Over time, inspiring musical genre shift SID Punk 'n Roll a la Supersuckers, Living End & Social Distortion.

The frontal image highlighted by the SID to the public, a self-described as: "Blitzkrieg 3-chordsabilly Beer Punk Rock" (think raw energy of Ramones vs Living End meets Supersuckers + Sid Vicious' nihilism yet supersonicaly Fueled with beer-Soaked Rockabilly attitude ... ribet, right? Hooray ...)

SID itself has published 3 indie albums (Case 15 - 95 yrs; Superman Is Dead - 99 yrs; Bad, Bad, Bad - March 2002, mini-album format - contains 6 songs). Towards widening the scale of the area of public achievement, dawn SID 2003 - in cooperation with Spills Record - re-releasing "Bad, Bad, Bad" in the form of single (4 songs). March 2003, SID signed a contract with Sony Music Indonesia. The oh surprise, Sony Music let SID heartened effervescent lyrics sang in English-speaking majority. Exactly 70% English, 30% of Indonesia. Wow. Sony Music desperate (but measurable)? Or think it's time to plant a monumental tracks? Or simply tired / males / bored / sleepy bombarded ewuh pakewuh valuable ethos Punk Rock by contingent Balinese beer big badass band called SID? Whoa ... (Hey, whatever it is, the history of Indonesian Punk Rock has just begun. And miracles are real, mind you)

Looking back, pre-bomb tragedy invited SID acting aggressively in the international cafes throughout Kuta which was shown spitting SID own composition (read: not as a cover band). Essential to note, for this local scale unprecedented in Bali. In the past, legions of bands that perform in the pubs in Kuta is only allowed to carry someone else's creation as such.

SID slowly growing popularity rose as one by one tembang SID - berlirik dominant English - ultra frekuentif played on local radio in Bali influential ya ya (wide) to the Java> box, believe it or not, the songs even have intensified SID also played on the radio in Australia, Sweden and other Scandinavian peninsula.

Step can be called phenomenal SID began in August 2002 when the band Hoobastank opening at the Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta, Bali. Then the middle of September '02 SID Single astonishing success Senayan rummaging in the Puma Street Games. Desember 02 SID continues devastated formidable PL Fair. Next interviewed by MTV Sky, M97 FM, MBS, etc., as well as massive exposed by almost all the national popular teen magazines. In the 2002-2003 annual editions O - with Rocket Rockers - SID rendered as The Next Big Thing. MTV Trax was crowned as the SID potential band 2003.

Epic Punk Rock most recently, SID has completed the process of recording with Sony Music with the album title "Kuta Rock City" and up to week 3, um, has sold tens of thousands of copies.
* Followed by "The Hangover Decade" end of 2004, and most recently was the "Black Market Love" at the end of May 2006 *..

: Superman Is Dead Bioghraphy
: 4.5
: Media Srutu
: Superman Is Dead Bioghraphy

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