Roxx Retake

Roxx is a rock band that personil by Trison (lead vocals), Jaya (guitar), Toni (bass / backing vocals), Didie (bass / guitar), and additional players Crow (guitar) and Al (drums). Vacuum had been years since Trison off to Edane, in 2004 they returned with an album echoed.

Roxx became famous after the successful entry of 10 Rock Festival-Indonesia was held Zhelebour log in the 1980s. Their hits songs titled "Rock echoed" could also be used as the theme music program radio stations. [1] After releasing the album Roxx (Black Album) and Zero, immigrated to Edane Trison. But after being kicked Edane in 2003, Trison back again and they echoed the album released in 2004.
Roxx, a member IWAN (guitar), Arry (drums), JAYA (guitar), TRISON (vocals) and Tony (bass) is a musical group that brought the genre of Heavy Metal was formed on April 1, 1987.

Their debut began when he became runner-up at the Rock Festival in 1989 version Zhelebour log, which then brought this band in the music industry in the country with the inclusion of a single song of their first hits, "Rock echoed" in the Compilation Album Log Zhelebour Rock Festival in 1989.

Roxx's first album was released in early 1992 with the same title that is Roxx, who gave birth to the songs hits such as "unsteady, Ruler, 5cm, Price and Rock Dark echoed". Distributed by PT. Suara Sentral Sejati and distributed by Blackboard Indonesia. The success of these albums in country music blantika finally recorded Roxx as the first musical group in Indonesia who released his album on the international market. This is marked by the adoption of these Roxx debut album in 1992 by Polygram International.

Roxx titled second album was released NOL in 1995, released by the WINS Record and distributed by Atlantic Records Indonesia, which gave birth hits singles "Tears Animal, Daughter of the Sun and the Sick". There was a change in the formation of this album, namely the replacement of Tony's position on bass, replaced by DIDIK reply, because Tony had to continue his education in Germany.

The third album titled Roxx echoed released in 2004, released by SGK Records and distributed by PT. New Nuance rhythm. Print single hits "from the past, Pig Ngepet & the outcast". TONY On this album back to its original position as bassist, while IWAN position on additional guitar player was replaced by DIDI CROW.

Now in their fourth album titled RETAKE Roxx, who worked with ditribusi Indonesia Rolling Stone magazine, has come as a marker of existence in the wilderness Roxx country music. Mini-album containing some of their hit singles from the overall chronological Roxx career since 1987 until now This song brings the best compilation ever had Roxx, namely: unsteady, Rock echoed, Pig Ngepet, Tear Animals, Lord & 5 cm.

: Roxx Retake
: 4.5
: Media Srutu
: Roxx Retake

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