Contoh Soal Ujian Toefl

Berikut disajikan contoh-contoh soal-soal ujian TOEFL yang di ambil dari berbagai buku pembahasan mengenai TOEFL yang isi,susunan,serta sistemnya pengerjaannya dirancang sangat mirip dengan soal-soal TOEFL versi asli atau TOEFL-like Test. Dan, karena buku ini ditulis dengan menekankan pada pembahasan mengenai tida macam ujian TOEFL (PBT,CBT dan IBT), maka jumlah contoh butir-butir soal yang di berikan untuk seriap versinya pun tidak dapat sebanyak versi ujian TOEFL yang asli. Namun demikian, penulis sudah merangkum dan memilih soal-soal yang cukup variatif dan mewakili versi asli.
A. Contoh-contoh Soal TOEFL Versi Kertasdan Pensil (PBT)
Section 1. Listening Comprehension
Part A.
(Percakapan-percakapan soal ini seharusnya di berikan secara lisan, tetapi didalam buku ini, soal-soal untuk listening diberikan dalam bentuk tertulis karena buku ini tidak disertai dengan kasetnya.)
In part A, are you will hear short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a third voice will ask a question about what was said. The question will be spoken just one time. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the 4 possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Man                  : What’s in that bag over there?
Woman             : I bought some aples, peaches, pears and grapes.
3th Voice          : What is the woman talking about ?
(A) Vegetables                               (C) Mear
(B)Fruit                                              (D) Cookies

2. Woman           : Where did joe and nancy go for their haoneymoon ?
Man                    : They were gooing to Puerto Rico, but they couldn’t afford it, sother went to St. Augustine instead for one we
3th                      : What does the man say about the couples
(A) They couldn’t afford a honeymoon.
(B) They went to puerto Rico.
(C) They went to St. Augustine.
(D) They are still planning on going to Puerto Rico.

3. Woman           : Did you know that the hot dog did not originate in the United States but in Germany?
Man                    : Yes, and they’ve even had something similiar to it in Finland. It’s made out ofreindeer meat.
3th                      : Which of the following is NOT true about the hot dog ?
(A) The first hot dog came from Germany.
(B) Hot dogs originated in the United States.
(C) Some hot dogs are made from reindeer meat.
(D) Even countries like the Finland have a food similiar to hot dogs.

4. Woman           : You ought to take it easy for a few days.
Man                    : I have no time to spare.
3th Voice          : What problem does the man have ?
(A) His work is too simple to keep him interested.
(B) He has no time to relax
(C) He has a flat tire
(D) He has no work to do.

5. Man                  : Tiffany is already walking, but stephanie isn’t.
Woman             : Tiffany was born before Stephanie was.
3th Voice          : What does the woman say about Tiffany and stephanie ?
(A) Tiffany is Stephanie’s mother.
(B) Tiffany and stephanie are sisters.
(C) Tiffany is older than Stephanie.
(D) Tiffany is younger than Stephanie.

6. Man                  : I am taking my car downtown to be repaired.
Woman             : Be sure you get an estimate
3th Voice          : Whatdoes the womanadvise the man?
(A) To find out how long it will take to repair the car
(B) To find a different repairman.
(C) To find out what it will robably cost before the work is done.
(D) To repair himself.

7. Woman           : Why did Professor Nelson get angry with Jane?
Man                    : She should have worked on her paper last night, but she watched TV instead.
3th Voice          : What does the man say about jane ?
(A) She watch TV lastnight instead of working on her paper.
(B) She didn’t wtch TV last night because she had to write a paper.
(C) She wrote her paper last night while she was watching TV.
(D) She is writing a TV script.

8. Man                  : Franklin focused on the deer and snapped the shutter.
Woman             : What a greatshot!
3th Voice          : What are the speaker talking about ?
(A) Franklin admired the deer’s beauty from hus bedroom window.
(B) Franklin closed the door quickly.
(C) Franklin shot a deer with a fifle.
(D) Franklin took a photograph of a deer.

9. Woman           : I need to complete my paper this weekend.
Man                    : If i were you, I’d have it typed by a service.
3th Voice          : What does the man suggest the woman do ?
(A) Start typing immediately.
(B) Have her paper typed by somebody else.
(C) Change her topic.
(D) Find a different typing service.

10. Man                                : I hear Yolanda ran into Anna downtown last week.
Woman            : I haven’t seen either of them for months.
3 th Voice        : What does the man mean ?
(A) Yolanda injured Anna.
(B) Yolanda had to run downtown last week.
(C) Yolanda went downtown to exercise.
(D) Yolanda met Anna downtown unexpectedly.

Part B.

In Part B, you will hear longer conversations. After each conversation, you will be asked some question. The conversations and questions will spoken just one time. They will not be written out for you, so you will have to listen carefully in order to understand and remember what the speaker says.
When you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your test book and decide which one would be the best answer sheet, find the number of the problem and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Woman                : I hear that Paul Schmidt has written a new novel.
Man       : Yes, it’s a science fiction piece called martian Renaissance.
Woman                : Sounds intriguing. What’s the plot like ?
Man       : It deals with a five-man, one-woman crew on a three-year mission to Mars.
Woman                : Is their mission successful?
Man       : Erll, in some respect it is.They have a series of incredible adventures once they land.
Woman                : Do they meet any real Martians ?
Man       : You’ll have to read the book to find out.

11. What is the name of Paul Schmidt’s new book?
(A) The incredible Adventures of the Martians.
(B) Mission to Mars.
(C) Martian Renaissance.
(D) Captivating tales of Mars.

12. What type of bookisit ?
(A) Science fiction
(B) Adventure
(C) Biography
(D) Documentary

13. How long did the mission to Mars take ?
(A) One years
(B) Three years
(C) Five years
(D) Seven years

14. Which of the following is NOT mentioned ?
(A) The crew had some incredible adventures on Mars.
(B) The crew met some real Martians.
(C) The Martians captured the crew.
(D) The ship carried an all-male crew.
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