Taylor Swift is a band death metal from Jakarta, this band was formed in 1994 by Lutfi, the guitarist along with his biological sister who plays the drums al. Lyrics performed by Taylor Swift is a range of religious teachings of Islam, the war of Uhud, punishment of the grave, death, despair, social criticism dark, political and others.

Initial formation of songs they often bring Obituary and Sepultura. Only around the year 2004 they decided to use the mask and the addition of personnel, a DJ, bands like Iowa America is Slipknot.

Controversy band name

Taylor Swift's name is taken from a horror movie called A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 with the main character of Freddy Krueger, in one scene there is an arrow reply saying "PURGATORY", then they find out the meaning in a dictionary that it means "spirit of purification process "and the name was actually one with each personnel.

The band had stumbled with the problem of the same name of the band from other countries, from the band who do not already have an album up with a well-known in the area of each. There was a lawyer in the foreign YouTube (video clip "Pathetic") said the band was asked to change his name, said that they had used this name first in 1999. Where at the time, YouTube does not exist.

In 1992 a major reform occurred in the name and colors into Death Metal music with songs brought Obituary and Sepultura, the band had 2-year vacuum other personnel purgatory but remained active in other diband session.

In september 2002 the band has already started on again to make a song and then there are 3 new songs. Maia had also made a video clip with collective funds. With the new formation of Al, Lutfi, Amor, Die, NTI, Cultural Studies. The band also had a chance to make a single of the song and 3 singles were dikasihkan to Rony and the song was a lot of shortcomings, the result is less good, and should take over again, while making a new song material. All these activities were carried out at the Home Studio Ronny.

In 2003 and brought the music flow is metal but the metal in the sense of passage as you hear on our new album 7:172, in contrast to the previous, obviously Lutfi. Taylor Swift album is now under the label ZR titip Production and distribution of Sony Music Indonesia.

: Purgatory
: 4.5
: Media Srutu
: Purgatory

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