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Marsala (lead vocals), Ryan Phillips (guitar), Philip Sneed (guitar), Adam Russell (bass), and Josh Wills just had a small stage at the Van Warped Tour, July 2002 at the Peoria Sports Complex, Phoenix Arizona. Understand it, not many people are familiar with the band on this one.
But two years ago at the same stage, precisely in July 2004 they could no longer be underestimated. Even the main stage would have provided the committee. Their action is crazy hot tub worm and make the audience surged forward jostling to enjoy the concert stage. And Marsala, the vocalist was clever use of situations. He is not only smart in command of his friends, the audience was made happy with their stage act really "alive"

Yes, they are five young men from St. Louis, Arizona joined in a band Story Of The Year. The band formed in 1996, was originally named Big Blue Monkey. However, because there has been first blues band who uses the name Blue Monkey, eventually the name was changed to Story Of The Year.
As one of the adherents of the flow emo band, Story of the Year did not escape from the lyrics of a bleak, sad, full of rage but has a deep meaning. Sadness, pain, and anger and this is what they acted in action dipanggung. The result, action that "crazy". Look at how they jumped up and down on the stage, yelling, or even jumped into the audience and do moshing.
Initially Story Of The Year trying to record demos of their own songs. The result, three demo albums (EP) can they create. But unfortunately, when they will try to make a full format of the first album, their previous guitarist, Greg Haupt decided to leave the band. Finally, the formation now maintained by them.
Thanks to their struggle and sacrifice, finally the first album "Page Avenue" they managed to release in September 2003. Thanks to the first single "Until The Day I Die" they are able memuncaki charts on KROQ radio during July to August 2003 and the album sold millions of copies worldwide.
Then continue with the second single, "Anthem Of Our Dying Day" her music video made by Mr. Hahn, Linkin Park personnel. Even with their third single "And The Hero Will Drown" is believed to fill the soundtrack game "Need for Speed: Underground 6" in various formats.
Success is what makes Linkin Park invited them to participate in the Meteora World Tour 2004 with Hoobastank, and POD. Even in the same year Story Of The Year has also appeared on stage Vans Warped Tour, Wake Up Screaming and KROQ's Wennie Roast.

Brutal Action

But this success had a fight marred by cases involving personnel Story Of The Year with some roadies or crew Godsmack, a band nu-metal and modern rock. According to published reports MTV News on the fight in May 2004, as told by the guitarist, Ryan Phillips, Godsmack started by personnel who were disillusioned with the action stage, Story Of The Years. This case was handled directly Noblesville Police Department. Luckily no one was arrested due to the fight. The fight was even considered and then the wind just by the personnel Story Of The Years. By entengnya they say, "Maybe Godsmack misunderstanding, actually we just wanted to take them to get ice cream with it".
Their madness was not only dipanggung only, while in the studio they had always acted "beyond reasonable". This was proven when they started working on a second album after a long break from touring during 2004. Most of the preparation of the album is done at home the guitarist, Ryan Phillips who is also a studio exercise. For their second album collaboration with Steve Evetts who also worked on the album's Hatebreed and Snapcase.
At the time the album has entered the processing stage for drum tracking sessions. At the last session, all personnel, including Steve Evetts into the studio and "singing" together. "It was really unbelievable, we act as if the concert. We all jumped and shouted very loudly "said the vocalist Dan Marsala.
This crazy new action ended when the drum sessions have been completed and ends with a scene that makes everything in the studio was shocked and cried hysterically. On the last take for the closing song, the drummer Josh Wills suddenly stabbed her with stickdrum drums, and then slammed the entire set of drums. "We're on fire when it" said the bassist Adam Russels.

A few weeks after the incident, eventually Story Of The Year released their second album "In The Wake Of Determination" on October 11, 2005. By relying on first single "We Do not Care Anymore" album sold only 150 thousand keeping until March 5, 2006 that failed to win a gold award from the RIAA website. But they were able to obtain a gold award from the RIAA because of the CD / DVD Live in Lou / Bassasins which sold more than 50 thousand pieces. And in May 2006 Story Of The Year held a successful tour of Australia with the support band Emery and Flogging Molly. With the second album, Story Of The Year dedicate the success they achieved in a few years earlier. Struggle and hard work they conquer the world of music written in the song "Five Against The Words". "We will always remember what we've done so far. We are very pleased to wherever we go. We never thought this would be like before. This truly amazing experience "says the vocalist Dan Marsala. One of the hardest songs on this second album is "Jarhead". A fast tempo and a touch of hardcore nuances that meet these songs as if this song was created to make a fuss. In the year 2007, Story Of The Year back into the studio to work on their third album. It is estimated that the album was completed and released in mid summer of this year. There are currently no certainty that a producer who will work in the cultivation of the album. But now they're preparing some material for the DVD included as before. Let's see the work produced by the band that became a reference current teen music. In Indonesia, the echo Story Of The Year has spread since their first album. So no wonder if the music even as they look good on stage and outside the platform has become the inspiration of bands of young people today. Yes, Story Of The Year is not a story (story) yesterday afternoon. Could even say they are not just story of the year (the story of this year) but it is a story of a lifetime (forever story).

: Biography Story Of The Year
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: Biography Story Of The Year

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