Biography Prisa

Name: Prisa Rianzi
Full Name: Prisa Adinda Rianzi Arini
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta / January 6, 1988
Shelter Now: Jakarta
Guitar: Jackson DKMG Arch Top, Jackson USA Randy Rhoads RR1, Fender USA Telecaster Flathead Custom Shop, Ibanez Universe 7-String UV777BK, Martin & Co X series & Fender Start Eric Clapton
Effect: Reverb Boss RV-2, Tonebone Hot British, Ibanez Tube Screamer 808
Amps: Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier, Roland Cube 30
Group Band Currently: Vendetta
Experience Band: Dead Squad, Zala
Musical influences: Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage, Children Of Bodom, Spawn Of Possesion, John Mayer, Tahiti 80, Mae, Dashboard Confessional, Copeland, Jimmy Eat World,
Game Style: Metal, Pop
Teknik Favorit: Power Chord, Arpeggio

Prisa first learned guitar by accident. When I was junior high school, Maya lived in a dorm and have fun friend maenin guitar. Because of a dimarahin same guitar, Prisa finally determined to take revenge ekskul guitar. Finally Prisa and friends joined ekskul unison with the race who's better at it later.

Year 2005 until mid-2006 the name was well known in the Maya scene with the band's underground metal, Zala. The band is enough attention girls because of the contents of all personnel. But not just sell the image alone, their skills do not lose the same guy bands. In 2006 practically the golden years of his career Prisa where both personally and the more successful groups. Personally, he was elected as a model for the portal's first guitar in Indonesia, He is also often referred to as Miss because it is always a vice at various events and the media. Together with his band, Zala, he had several times appeared in the event of underground metal and even Java Jazz 2006.

Months later in June 2006 Prisa incorporated in a new band called Dead Squad. In this band he was paired with one of the guitarists of the family items are also a personnel Andra & The Backbone, Stevie Item. Then in July Prisa had the honor to collaborate with one guitar maestro Indonesia, Eet Edane Sjahranie in appearance in PRJ. Together Edane, Prisa perform the song Cry Out and You're sugar You Ibliz. He was also contracted for 2 months as an additional guitarist and backing vocals for 'band a million copies', Sheila On 7, which had left one of the guitarists. Together SO7 SCTV had appeared in the World Cup in 2006 and joined the tour to Malaysia.

In 2006 Prisa has decided to retire from the world of academic education and chose to dive as a professional musician. Steps taken by the Maya to get into the music industry is releasing a solo album pop wing. The plan will be released album after Lebaran in 2007. Before he released the album first appeared as a 'guest musician' in the album-2 J-Rocks as Vocalis and guitarist for the single You Steal Again. Prisa also has another side project that he named Morning Star. Morning Star is another fun project outside Prisa solo album. This is a proof of Prisa if he is also adept at playing acoustic guitar.

In July 2007 Prisa endorsed by Jackson Guitars. He was contracted to use the guitar DKMG Jackson Arch Top. A phenomenal breakthrough considering that he was the first Indonesian guitarists endorsed by Jackson.

End of 2007, Maya decided to get out of DeadSquad and formed metal band that all personnel of women. The band was called Vendetta. Prisa in the band also started playing 7-string guitar. Until early 2008 Prisa more often seen on television as a guest star appearance in a number of bands on the ground water board as J-Rocks, Samsons, and The Titans.

* Data pulled around Prisa (2003) Additional vocals and video clips model grin
* (2006 Jan) Chosen as Miss
* (2006 Mar) Shown with Pest on the Java Jazz
* (2006 Apr) Shown in Kompas 23 April 2006 in an article about
* (2006 May) Talk show (Prisa + Mayzan) on SCTV in the coverage of
* (2006 Jun) Shown with Sheila On Stage 7 at the World Cup as additional vocals
* (2006 Jul) Shown with Edane as a guest guitarist on the PRJ (bring 2 songs)
* (2006 Jul) Shown with Abdee Slank in a clinic
* (2006 Jul) Model Plus Guitar magazine cover
* (2006 Jul - Aug) Additional guitar + vocals Sheila On 7 (507 album promo tour) up to Malaysia
* (2006 Aug) HAI magazine cover model edition "Now turn Son Metal"
* (2006 Sep) protesters (with Irvan) for the Analysis Plus cable products for 4 days at the Balai Kartini
* (2006 Nov) Show Trax magazine 11/2006 edition in column 'GirlDoYouRock'
* (2006 Dec) duet together at Mayzan gatherings bring songs from Marty Friedman's Elixir
* (2007 Jan) in O-Chanel show Prisa
* (2007 Jan) Pro Audio magazine shows profiles & interviews Prisa
* (2007 Feb) in Black In News Trans 7 shows Prisa
* (2007 Mar) Koran Tempo Prisa profiling.
* (2007 Aug) Shown as a guest vocal + guitar J-Rocks for the single You Steal Again
* (2007 Oct) Interview in O-Chanel
* (2007 Oct) guest stars in 4 eyes (Trans 7) edition of Guitarist with Eet Sjahranie, Tohpati, and Dewa Budjana
* (2007 Dec) guest star on the show Not Quite Gede (Trans 7)
* (2008 Jan) special coverage on SCTV Prisa.
* (2008 Feb) Guest star in appearance Samsons band
* (2008 Feb) Prisa special article of 6 pages in the magazine HAI
* (2008 Mar) Guest star appearance in The Titans tour in Palembang
* (2008 Apr) Prisa appeared as a presenter for the event Inbox (RCTI)

: Biography Prisa
: 4.5
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: Biography Prisa

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