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Meet a band inspired by the two best bands of the last decade (Nirvana and Radiohead). A band - average age 20 - with eighty songs and four record deals around the world. A band who've spent the 90's cut off and disenfranchised. A band who won't be happy until they've ripped the heart from your chest and shattered your eardrums. Meet MUSE. From England. But not so you'd notice.

The rock trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenhome and drummer Dominic Howard. The group's emotive sound and live dates drew critical acclaim and industry buzz, and after a trip to New York's CMJ festival, Muse signed a deal with Maverick Records. Their debut full-length album Showbiz was released toward the end of 1999. Two years later, Muse issued The Origin of Symmetry and had a major hit with Hyper Music. In 2002, fans were treated to the double-disc live set Hullabaloo. Their latest album Absolution is clearly the product of three mid twenties musicians at the height of their powers, determined to push their aesthetic all the way.

“Matt Bellamy has put together a collection of simple, poetic, transparent songs that re-engage with the old words and values; honour, courage and righteousness. It’s one long love letter to the Impossible Dream, and it WILL NOT SURRENDER. There’s been no record released yet this century with stakes so high. Musically, it could have been a disaster. But one man’s prog is another man’s progress, and every guitar here sounds like it’s from the future, every flourish and movement scored and orchestrated with the celestial vision. By indulging every pomp rock wet dream he’s ever had, Matt’s found that there’s no such thing as too much distortion, and that, when you care this much, chartbusting tunes really do fall from the sky…..On earth, Muse have made the UK Rock record of the year, but as it is in heaven, they’ve created a scripture; the defining document of a new religion no more complicated than Bellamy’s crystal clear lyrics.” (NME)

Bringing this holy vision onto the stage is second nature to these world-travellers. Live, Muse manage to seduce the unconverted, and reaffirm the fanatical devotion of their fans . “As balmy late evening sunshine gives way to darkness and cascades of rain, so Ash's breezy pop punk gives way to the tempestuous drama of Muse. It's the perfect setting for the Devon trio's heartstoppingly intense show. With Matt Bellamy plucking sounds from the air like a mad professor, Muse are truly incredible tonight, switching mood and pace to outragous effect. The rapturous applause that greets the killer conclusion of 'Muscle Museum' and 'Plug in Baby' is a heartening reminder that sometimes, just sometimes, originality and fearless, peerles ambition gets its just rewards.”

: Muse Biography
: 4.5
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: Muse Biography

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